About Us


This event has a conception of tango as a social activity, in which the central part, of course, is the dance.

For this we program 32 hours of dancing distributed in 7 milongas, without any interruption and in charge of recognized Tango DJs.

We strive to put at your disposal everything necessary to make you feel welcome, in an atmosphere that invites interaction and dance.

An open floor of 170 square meters, with wooden floor and high quality sound, in a cozy room where you can sit comfortably and circulate without having to cross the dance floor. In the same room we set up «Le Petit Tango Bar», with a select assortment of drinks and full cafeteria service.

Anything else? Of course! During all the milongas we will serve some delicatessen prepared with great care.


The personalized attention from the first moment, the service offered and the closeness in the treatment are our signs of identity.

We will be delighted to welcome you in Candás!

Charly Katz